Hollis School Board

The Hollis School Board holds in trust for the community, as its elected agent, the responsibility of overseeing and ensuring a high-quality education for all students while continuously evaluating outcomes and ensuring a high return on the investment provided by the community. In partnership with the Superintendent, the Board sets the educational direction of the district, empowering and enabling administration and staff for excellence.


We strive to build a high functioning, goals based School Board which listens better than it speaks, builds consensus rather than dictates and leads the district grounding all decisions based in sound policy governance with a singular purpose – education. The Hollis School Board aligns with the SAU 41 strategic plan and establishes student achievement as its top priority.

Major current Board initiatives and Annual Goals are listed in our work-in-progress section of our meeting agendas.


The Hollis School Board holds its meetings in public on the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm in the Hollis Upper Elementary School cafeteria. Members of the community are welcome and encouraged to attend. Alternatively, our meetings are available as a video stream on the web.

Memorandum of Understanding - Hollis Police Dept. School Resource Officer

AC-E Annual Notice of Contact Information, Title IX

Policies Under Review


EBB- School Safety Program

FAC- Rental of Property

IHBA - Programs for Pupils with Disabilities

IHBAA- Special Education: Determination of a Specific Learning Disability

IMBA- Distance Education

JLCJA- Emergency Plan for Sports Related Injuries and Additional Protocols for Athletics Participation



Amy Kellner, Chair

Committee: Hollis Budget, Superintendent's Performance Evaluation Committee (SPEC)

Email: amy.kellner@sau41.org

Term Expires: 2024


Carryl Roy, Vice Chair

Committees: SAU #41 Governing Board Policy, SAU #41 Governing Board Budget Sub-Committee, Alternate to the Hollis Budget

Email: carryl.roy@sau41.org

Term Expires:2025

Tammy Fareed, Secretary

Committee: Hollis Capital Advancement Plan


Term Expires: 2024


Robert Mann

Committee: Superintendent Contract Renegotiation

Email: robert.mann@sau41.org

Term Expires: 2023


Brooke Arthur

Committees: Hollis School District Policy, Regional Services Education Center (RSEC)

Email: brooke.arthur@sau41.org

Term Expires: 2023





The Hollis School Board meets the first Wednesday of each month at HUES. Live streaming video is available here. When the first Wednesday falls on a holiday, the Board will hold its meeting on the second Wednesday of the month.