COOP Committees

Last Updated: 1/15/2020 3:30 PM

Facilities Study Committee

The Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board created the Facilities Study Group at the November 2016 meeting.  The group met in January 2017 to determine their charge and refine their purpose.  Read more...

The Board approved the expenditure of FY17 funds to hire an architect to work meticulously to design well-developed plans in the Fall of 2017.

Proposed Timeline

2017-08-09 Meeting Notes

COOP School Board Facilities Presentation 9/19/17

2017-08-27 Meeting Notes

Public Forum Presentation 10/23/2017

Updated NESDEC Projections

Proposed Floor Plan

3-D Proposed Plan

2nd Public Forum Presentation 12/5/17

Updated Public Forum 1/22/19

Start Time Committee

The Hollis Brookline High School Student Council delivered a presentation to the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board on starting the school day later. As a result of that presentation (, the School Board created a committee to study the feasibility of a later-starting school day.

Further information about adolescents and sleep can be found on this Google Doc: Currently in SAU41 the middle school and high school students are scheduled to be picked up between 6:24 and 6:38 a.m. in Hollis and between 6:05 and 6:20 a.m. in Brookline.

Coop Budget Committee


Live Stream-Budget Comm


Darlene Mann, Chair (Hollis)

Term Expires: 2019


Raul Blanche, Vice Chair (Hollis)

Term Expires: 2020


Brian Rater, Secretary (Brookline)

Term Expires: 2021


David Blinn (Brookline)

Term Expires: 2020


Tom Enright (Hollis)

Term Expires: 2019


Lorin Rydstrom (Hollis)

Term Expires: 2021


Jim Solinas (Brookline)

Term Expires: 2019


John Cross (School Board Representative) (Brookline)