RMMS Food Pantry Project

RMMS Food Pantry Needs
Posted On: Thursday, September 1, 2022




RMMS Food Pantry Project 



    Brookline Food Pantry 

   Most Needed Items for     



CSDA is also a donation location for these items.


You can also purchase the most needed items through the Brookline PTO Amazon Smile Program:




The 2021-2022 RMMS Food Pantry Project officially began on September 1st! This community service project was established three years ago by a group of RMMS math students, now 6th Grade students at CSDA! 💙


Partnering with the Brookline Food Pantry, we are conducting targeted, monthly donation drives at RMMS throughout the school year. At the beginning of each month, this Brookline Food Pantry Most Needed Items list will be updated and sent home with students via backpack mail. 


The most current donation list can also be found on the RMMS website at any time: 



At the end of each month, Grade 3 students are tracking donation data, performing math calculations and graphing the monthly donation items collected prior to delivery to the Brookline Food Pantry.





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