Hollis Elementary PTA

Why Join Hollis Elementary School’s PTA?

The number one reason to join the Hollis Elementary Parent Teacher Association is to benefit your child. In turn, you also help our whole school improve. Long-term research has shown that involved parents and good school-home communication and relationships result in higher-achieving students with better attendance. Joining the PTA helps keep you informed about what is happening at school and positively impacts your child.

Our PTA leverages the strengths of parent and community volunteers to support our school’s needs, provides funding for programs connected to the daily instructional program and advocates for safe, healthy, high-quality schools for our children. Your membership dues and participation in PTA-sponsored events like the Halloween Fun Fair and the Auction Night are critical for raising the funds necessary to meet these needs.

Joining the PTA also allows you connect with other parents and teachers, building relationships that demonstrate to your child that you believe school is important. When you volunteer with the PTA and throughout the school, you share your strengths, talents, interests and hobbies in a way that improves the school day for your child and the children in our community. And you may just inspire a budding artist, teacher, engineer, or future president.


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